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DOI1’t Make a Bad Situation WOTSG
urnrane Harvey has lett or property or a srtuatmn m wlurh the Please mmcmbcx to keep Texas ~r1fc as
the bulldlng 7 but the mess pllbllc need tot uninterrupted seryree we work to rcpalr the damage eaused
wlll endure tor years. The and rmmedmte reestahhshment of by the storm. call an or yrsrt us onlme
pntenttal pnee tag rs $190 semee li seryrre ts tnterrupted enmpels at It/It/xll.I('xnsK11 mg "

  ‘"‘'“““1'‘“‘' ‘‘‘‘‘°“‘’ ll’~ nut ,ust the lmes you can’! see.

’ ‘ V ‘ P P X Texasxn has bnosterl puhhr awr1mncs'a Lmes were also pulled up out of the
maybeoutnzserueezromrloodrng, N‘ t_ 1, _l W 8“ db U I dd‘ P 1
80%“Ham.Cuu“w\mundm,am o ccx rune) urgen no. or groun y resorrus, an e lpc me

— m the altermath of Harvey both on tts anrl Haz2lrduu~ Matenals Safnty

Llkc unexploded bombs trom world homepage and In soetal medm. Admmrstratron (PHMSA) l~ asktng that
war ll, some Harvey damage hes ‘ _ people who enenunter them report In
where rt can't be seen 7 and therem hes T"‘“’811 |”°”'d““‘ ““d CEO G“"‘ as well
a prahlem. out nl stght shnuld never 5‘°"“" ’“"‘ ‘}“‘ ‘“°"“F‘“‘

,, The PHMSA southwesl lzegron omee
equate wrth out of mmd, espeetally Hurnrane Harvey has passed

— of Hazardous Matenals Safety m
ln an area lrke Harns Countv whom and mcuvnrv ciforh from the .
_ — — Hnustnnean bnmachcdr1l713-2/Z‘
unrlerground zaetlttres are hterally unpreeedented floudlng and mu
everywhere. deyastatmn are underway. The ‘
hpdflmr Cables and man“ um oyerwhelmmg response [mm aeross the Fmally, wluln/we re open 24/7/36: to
Wmm damaged by the Wm are now natlon and the eagerness to help Texas Iaku ralls, wt re also getung some boots
_ reeoyer h notlnng short nl awesome. l on the ground. Terasau Dlrcctur of

hemg drsalaled ln the rleanup heeause I ‘ in V D P _ I J B bs Y
gnwmnmmcd hm‘ am wn mg oeneourageasa reroyery amage reyenron lm n tmsnas

by remmdmg everyone to eall an pnur m the area reeently to help wtth the
The temptatton to get out there and to rlrggmg eleanup. He wmlu rlnwn lns thoughts
go to work rs very strong, but make on what he ~r1w and dtd

2 we have reeeryerl reports of ma,ar

sure that you dun t make the snuatron ,,
Wow transmrssmn hnes bemg e}ut by well}; 1 The gloug plCtl‘:lcdbcl13\‘«"l\/~l the grohup l

meamng response teams npmg to ep met up an wot e W] osto t em
Take the tlmv: to remember how 311 the reroyery etcort. A eall to 311 pnnr to were from the Austm area, but there
works. Remember that emergeney uxtavatlnn relaterl recovery work wlll were penple there from Houston, Lake
trekets are zlvrulabln li the repatrs greatly rerluee the ns-k of damage to Charles, LA, and aim one gentleman
meet the state's requtrements for an entteal marastmrture and ensures the from Mrs-soun. I'm proud to now eall
emergeney. (EmczgL‘ncycxCavt1l|un satety of those workmg to mbulld our them all lnends-. There were petroleum
that rs neeess-ary tn respond to a eenter ts equtpped to hanrlle emergency landmeu, myestment bankers, plpc
srtuanon that enrlangers me, health, loeate requests, whlch |n many eases layers, eonstruetron workers.. black

wlll erpeohte the proeess. wlute, btonu . women, men.. all

—v . ' '>. ' o A  s " *.‘a¥".‘t /17 W’ " r.’

‘.=~’ :r‘,"(‘L§\§ ;‘ .--‘ “ . e ,

.  -.g «:2. x _s - ‘~ . , ',

-1--5»-~r-. .' 3‘ Q ~,s ~ . ...--I », ta, 1 .'-‘ \-v

”-‘l VA e aw -1'}! r ' W . ',g ‘

-~ , ~  x.‘ J » \ —,
~ .« l A *,
, t- -
an 1 — .
r ‘ ,= A 7\ ‘Va t e . 
F ..  . ,_ ~ I \ .
I?‘ 4 .a. a Q. ‘ .
. ,1, L . r N M l\,\
r . - 4 u _. tr
:. “V-, ‘ I , »
_ 2 "1 ’ ‘ l . E ' . "
. I “ -‘ ' ‘ 
, ' A ‘ - . .
I I ,,
,. ‘ J K _ ' . l "
, -, \
moan Svlllnlmln Xmllll ahnt.,..e.»,, a.n,...p own. In‘ mm aw. a. W na....a. net. moan a .a.n;,am Mzlqgm, kanay a,.t;o.a,.,.n u..m...»n...
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