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I from the desk of
T am looking forward to serving Lhe greatest memliersliip
e in tlie world as President and CEO of T2><as8ll.
i. Texasxll members and staff truly care about making
\‘ Texas a sale place to live and work.
we have experienced great growth in membersliip over tbe
last an years clue to our sliared commitment to pnitecting
tlie critical infrastructure in Texas Together, with uur
l membersliip, we wurk nrelessly tn keep excavators and tlie
V public sale, and lliave seen first-hand how our team liolds
» ' tliat responsibility in tlie liigliest regard.
| My commitment to yiiu is that we will remain mission
focused, work passionately to be our best, and let our core
values be the principles that gulde us in how we carry out
tlie mission of damage prevention and public saiery.
Texa~'B11 core values;
- l-ligliest standards ui integrity and honesty
- Responsiveness and respect toward our members, customers, partners and
- Protessional beliavior in our dealings and interactions
- continuous improvement in our quality of service
1 am confident that we will continue to make T2><a.~'8l1 tlie learler in our inrlustry anrll
am excited to see tlie zxlmurdimlry tliings we wlll accomplisli witli our members for tlie
communities we serve.
sliould you liave any questions or concems, please fzel tree to contact me rliiectly at
CVtl'l5SIovnII@Tex'rl5X1Larg or (972) 220-3799.
Chns Sml/all
President and CEO
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