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duk dm day Whm mm W’. pmyeeymyys. Some good pmctxcmz
the wund of a large apparent 1. Pmpam an Eyyyeygeyyey Acuon Plan
exvhraron» Strangely tht» was net my Lhc ‘ob. As pmparatlnn, rcvmw
ur-mrnrnonawur since wm next door the plan documents my Lhe location
‘ to a trn~h eornv-retren statron whreh of an uxhung umyues and the ~pL‘mfic
y , Perrodrrally blew up when some rtern meahyahs my tlm work m be peymymed.
3%  that W» “et ~uPP°sed to he tn the A pm—plann|ng meeuyyg wnh uulny
‘ ‘ errrnpaetor wrrtehow made rt tnte the owyyey. that have fy1nlmn:~' yh tlm d|g
‘g ‘_ _ cumpatlor.Bult1u~umn was ymceyehy. am would ht a Pmdml mm a,. mu
. I-€=:- e‘ o The ground and the bunldmg an shook
-: I . ' '- . syghyheahuy yhespyye Lhc sound men 2- Netrty and work wrth any hated
I * seemyyyg yhsyayyy. Wnhm so yhyyyuyes, we Prpehne operatr>r~ rn your exetrvatron
/ * heayd the news that tlmm had been an area» Netrfy thern et your expected
ix... K Explouon nearly 25 myhes away, and yy type at wfvrky eehedule and type of
. V WM ‘mom’ §nnatrIIclnl)r(|l cfiu|pmcnt us-ed (L\)g.,
’ uccuona u vcnus 0 En cut
I‘ Two wurknm nlnnlng a bullduzu wnh P
a upper attachment, prcpanng my the 3- Me the Ptvehrre operator rt they
m~lalIa|lun vi a fiber uphc lmc, had Wt“ have a rePre~en|atrve there (tn
, mpmmd A 25_,mh gm [mM,,,,.m“ eeyyayy. c2|~c~, fcdcml law may yyyayydaye
» \. ' ‘ ~ lmc. The gas yyahsyyyyssmyy hhe a representtrttve berng an ~rte when
' "‘ eyyssemssed yhe prupumd excavation Werkrrtg tn Prexrrnrty to a Prvehnet
sue. The cxplosmn and eyysuyyyg aye had N You apprnaehy drg over and work
. lnurally mruumcd yheyyhodyes, leaving rrnrnedr-rtely PM therr taerhtrea» lnvrte
. ,1 _' only small pyxes of zuh. someuyyyyg had them te tr nrtety rneettrtg»
' " ‘ V gone very wrerrzz- There was much 4. Contact Lhc appxopnatr: cmcrgnncy
. ,‘; apeerrhrttnn regardtns the ewe end yyyedyeai m~pondL‘r~' my the syye(.; so
d|ffnnng eyayyehysyyahs weye yeaehed. mm they M. mm 0, you, Wmk
- Th” and “mm mm“ mmd my Al~u, mvllc Lhcm my a sazeyy meclmg
y ' vu:w~ toward sareyy and lowaxd Aa eentraeterey we set nrrrnb to
Cmmmn‘ Ammgh mum mm am the yyyyyyeaeyes of the sun, but a hysy
- '  -~ . day»tu-day operation, I am pnwleged to reapender eorntng there for the t"tr>t

sn an ohm's one can Law ehmyeemem "me Wt“ "DI be

hyaayyl. And m I heay eoyyyplayyus wheye 5‘ Mommg mm), and Plammg
cxcava|or~ am working around yheyhum huddle; became an mm mm,
and lugln prcs~um gas hyyes, I dunk back dumg mm,m,,“ The mm. M to

m tlus yyyeydeyyy and uLhL‘r~ lnke n M huddk. W,“ ‘,9 mmpmmd by

The yules and sareguayyls as wen as rrnvroved Prodrrrtren

yhe hes: pyaeuees my working around 6‘ REP”, any danmgm (“Md Q, Cm,
ayyyleygmuhd umyues aye cnl|cy1ly1nd all named, to W, ,m,,,y OW,” Damgny
cxcava|or~ should undrshland tlm n~k~ M“ ,0 [hr Pmmmvc mung 0,, am
they take the n~k~ that thetr ernPl°>'ee~ pypehyye, eay. eause eanasmaplyye failure
and yhe publm am exposed (0 and down the mad’

|hc pmpcr yyyeyhyads to avcud them

A Mmplc ,,ndE,,m,d,,,g of am an Cumml an M Lhu vayyames you can and
pmeess .s a good syayy, yet (11: rules my be prepared for the unexpected There
mmung mum g“, 1,,“ M mm aye many best pyaeyyees and tlm anye1e
complex and mum dcmandmg and my only rePre~ent~ tr few Settrns you»-elf
good mm. up my sueeess ys eyyueal m a good
syyyee 24:03, PHMSA has co-~'pon~orr:d °'"C°m°' W

gt’ 1162 werk~hoP~' (RP for My my yyy.»,...a mvmln: Lm‘ ,m;y..y ofmc chug:

emrrtrtrerrded "reetree~> There t5 e r lM£<Cu me .y,mhy,y.,.y.syyy;ay ...yy.y.h... yy
gyeay deal of heyyeay from attcndmg yyyyy
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