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lwandw-I prartice that would be ll required very expensive eompules-s [shihlrs iI"ad] lrs VR shas you ears use
dlmeull or impossible so eorsdusl uslhg ahd vn setups shal were leshered so she so reporl lo su. They aren't ahle so
real equipment. ccunpuler lhrough a cahlz.' oroeeed rorward ou mlsslou uusll lhas
"VIIIrainingsulutionsofierllwefreedom The hardwarzcuYTEnl]y€mPlDy€d by -Stu-nplemi lush" said-
to fail and lhe ahlllly lo praclicz to From she rulu.-e allows lhe sralhee The slmulallous are nnissioworienledy
oer-leellou to male you ruueh more In move around sreely, aud uos he and lhe user ea.-rss points and ls rahlred
reliable at your ruler" he said» encumbzred hy wh-es aud exlra hased oh how assus-asely lhey tomplele
Fm" me mm has hm in lminm ersrsisosuegfgsysug more lreedosrs and a eash 3315:. Tlueévluole lhshg xouldl
ahoul ss years and develops vh modules ‘“*""°‘ 99- ‘°“‘l‘d ‘ ”“ ‘° 5_‘"“,“~‘ ‘ “F”
(orlrsdussry—leadlrsgeorporaleelleurslrs --1-1“s,a,.dwmmymD,ugy finally Wvr DlllwmeswmmWW0":-
fields as diverse as leleeomruuhleallous, eaughl up lo lhe soflware, aud sollrs ‘we are esseuslally ereaslug a elassroosrs
1"°5Pi‘3]i‘)’l lmalthcare and who see lhe value of VR lraihlrsg are ersvh-ohruehl. In [light sraihlug, you
mam-facturing Thzir way of training al1—in." he said. srslghl havz hall ah hour wslh a sllghl
workers ls lalrlhg on. due so how lrssl.-uelor lallrlrsg ahoul slalls.
tlwmuglw it is- They'll show slldes, sldeos
“The vn ls-alrsihg as a ruueh ruore F F and sham 013' barlégrolt-nd
rohussls-alruhg rueshodology. °"P7"““,‘“‘ “]‘“ ““"°°‘[‘
ll caplures lhe aslehsloh of lhe — P°”‘°" as Cc-mp etzs“y_o: gal to |t( re
lralhees mush betlerl whleh leads ‘“;““‘l °Y°"'lf’“ ‘E “W” H
to hlgh leselsoseugagesrseur aud K 2 I3“ %:“'’‘° F" °"“ »V°“"“‘ 5'
releuslou, ruore elheieucy, sately arsd ‘° 5*“ -
or-odusllylly.‘ he sald. In lhelr system‘ all of rhal lakes
The flaming modules that Fmm the The sorupahys programmers sass olaee sh she rs.-sual world‘ lrseludlhg lhe
mm designs gel addgd ‘O their eussomsse eaeh module for ssluassous elassroom porlsoh. The lrasrsees lreeo

. _ _. . . rharsorueouerusghsehsouurershlhe Iheu'VI1equIpmenlDn auda.-eahle
module hhsasy. and she ougsual elsehl fi M A d I 1. th . 1 1. . ‘ Y.“ W H] rd W H‘
{mm mg Emmy (D [mm the M15 e . u_ eaes urse ye ssmua sou |s oseeass ua Vac oa wl |nV e
ll“, am dmlnped ,0, ,,,m_.E um runs a dsfiereul seeuarso ears play only‘ ssrurslalsdrs lhas ss used [or eyerylhsrsg

keepmg ls-asrsees ehgaged and on lhesr h-om prcqecllng films Io adrusrussersrsg
For inslanczl lhey are eus-reurly sees as well as keeping lea.-rsers fotused pop quizzzs.
worlrlrsglosreale a haslrhoeslruulalor sh ls-alrslhg. Throwing lhem aturve hall A d h h I . h .
lo.-aeorupauyorseelhalss-alruug occasionallyhelps. “ ‘ “W °“.‘"‘.‘“:‘ “.“““3""‘"

. see whal eaeh lndlvldual |s domg aud
module ss lauuehed. auorher ccunpanyl ..W _ k. d ‘ . . . I h . _.
sayanmmuonmmpany‘ [MM etanfxealeanycir srs cu‘ ssiugssoh ;s1s|slwh1en;ey‘se2]zlTIssue ause.
m_.EFmmhZFumMnd dmlopn or seersasso or eoh umnfsvlnc u srsg us,w eul esssrsualsousrasls. _

‘ h _. . . _ .fi weallwerorgrclundcn-nd|Imnsl everybody gels lhesr owh vlrlual oseee
url es lnloatralnlngtuunsespeu e . I d.. .J . .d I . I. h Mb “H 1
mheirnemT1m‘lmDmPanydm ersysrohrueusa sou slsorss. uslmsal . o zq\I|:pr}s:zn(sW‘1|E‘ wlou e s Vcul
orlglrsally srohled she lrsyessmersl for 0.19 0; .1“ Samson; om“ smksm '° "*3 9 “PPM '" "3 '}Y T "'"*E'“* 3
. . . . , s-eal—wos-ld elassroom wslh 20 haslrhoes
lhe backhoeslmlllalorgelsaponlon or rramsssg module lhalseurs-ehlly uhder _ h . _ _ , H
tlwfmurelicmsingrevemm dereloomeus emphasizes lhe rseed lo ‘““ y"°“"‘,°P°”“°"5°‘“!5“ 3‘.

. V (311 3“ Mm di in once and you ll see why VR |s malrsrsg
Juslm sasd lhe hardware has finally 5% 9 a huge impact lu lhe vzry real world or
eaughs up so lhe capabilities or VR The seeuarlo will lrselude a slmulased sasery sralhlug. 3
sorswas-e rhal has heeu asallahle [or (an to ma local 3,, mm and W
mm mm omma] mmrded mém H Wm Illore mfisrmamm on Ihecanlplzny ursd

I f If . Th 3 sls ojeeshgs can be fimml 411 flfsludsos.
“The ahlllly lo do shls lrshd of lralulrsg 1’ BY °’.‘ 9 ‘“““"‘ “V ’"““ '93“ com.
is vzry recent‘ he said. “VR has been ‘PP"°F"“‘“13' ‘° U“ message"
emu-Id for a long times and training for "Tlue 3.. call as part or she eheslrllsl.
a couple of years, hul ll wasn't efiirienl. They have a [lat ssreers ruohlle dzvite
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