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C h ° S t 11
s we nsber in a new year and a new deeade. we are mere
__ Aexebed ‘ban we bave ever been about ‘be lnrnre er damage
preven‘ien and public safely in Texas. we bave learned
a lot ever ‘be past year lrnm nur members and ‘be excavaling
\ } mmmunily aboul wbere our eppernmi‘ies are to drive awareness
up and drive damages dewn. Our (ends this year will be en
improving the quality of ‘be predee‘ we deliver in better facilitale
damage prevemien, do mere education in the area of damage
preven‘ien and improve everall awareness el 3.‘ in Texas. we are
learning ‘rem ‘be bes‘ el the best in eer industry and are mnfidenl
that ‘ege‘ber, we ean really malre an impart ‘e HIE things ‘l‘a‘
matter mosl. we want ‘be members of -renassii to liave ‘be bes‘
damage prevention and ‘be excavalms in Texas In liave ‘be sales‘ digging
enperienee pessible.
i am excited aben‘ ‘bis first issue el ‘be year as we dive ime pipeline sa:e‘y
lake a leelr at seme impressive ‘eebnelegy. and honor an indns‘ry veteran.
Andy Hoel. l bepe you find value in this magazine. and 1 thank you for
being par‘ el ‘be solution. 1 liave seen a lat of pregress in our industry ever
‘be past is years, lm‘ l bave never been mere eenvineed that we are en ‘be
brink nf taking a major s‘ep forward. i am really leelring lerward to seeing
wlia‘ advaneemems enr industry will malre in the eeming deeade.
Chris Slovall
Presldenl and CEO
2020, ism. 1 Teussll . 1

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