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mm the desk as  
h the iast issue 1 wtute that my hope was that hy the time
" ynu received a copy at our magazine the wnrld would he
\ On the other siae at the erisis. As it turhs uut. we are nnl.
That is still my hupe, we have just pushed back the finish
lihe a little. with eyerythihg guihg ah ih the weula it is
imperalive that uut tearh focuses eh what we rah do ta make
a positive ihipaet ta the lives at (111352 we serve. aha that is
jusl what we will ae.
As at the time 1 am writihg this message, uur hetifieatiuh
yaiume is up. -rhete are meh aha wemeh gettihg put there
every aay aha its eur job ta keep them safe. we remaih
cnmmitted to our goals at driving aahiages aha waste aewh aha ihipreuihg puhiie safety
ih our state. we tuuht ourselves iuehy to be able to serve our eemmuhities aha the state
at a time wheh se mahy Amerieahs ate uhehipieyea.
1am graleful that we work ah ah ihaustry where coming together aha gettihg hehiha
Cflmlncln guais is the harm. we ate iuehy to have a hiemhetship mmmilted ta the cause
aha exravalnrs ih Texas that are wi11ihg to put saiety nrst.
1 hupe you enjoy this issue at our magazine aha 1 hepe yuu aha yuuts stay sate.
Chris Stavall
Frrsldenl and CEO
em, tsrue s iehssii . 1

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