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pride in what we do, and it is important to keep our group focused on the same goal. We emphasize our core values of trust, safety, direction, and leadership,” Mr. Royo added.
“People perform best if they’re respected and work in an environment of trust. We have an open-door policy and encourage feedback, so workers are more comfortable to ask questions or suggest different ways of approaching
a situation, knowing that their voice matters, this is why we are able to face problems head-on and resolve them quickly,” he added.
“Safety is our highest priority, and our communication with Texas811 started since the inception of ZTEX. Texas Gas, the El Paso water company, and various clients have invited us to the local council meetings multiple times. Our partnership with TX811 is crucial to our continued success. It provides all the necessary resources to help educate our employees as we excavate and operate heavy machinery,” Mr. Ortiz stated.
We are motivated to help Texas811 grow in attendance and sponsorship of the TX811 Safety Excavation Event,” Priscilla said. ZTEX releases a video recap every year and highlights the importance of calling 811 before you dig. They share those messages on social media, their website, and digital newsletters to make everybody aware of the one-call system, not just contractors.
During the pandemic, ZTEX’s usual in-person outreach has been lessened, but they are still reaching out to other contractors and the general public with their newsletters, videos, and digital advertising.
Another asset brought to the table is publishing an in- house monthly online project partner newsletter. The marketing department takes videos and photos of worksites
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