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Private Solutions-Providing Excellence in Service While Giving Back
By Melissa Hancock 811 Magazines
Joshua Wiggins owns and operates Private Solutions, a locating firm that specializes
in customer-owned facilities. “Private Solutions is a locating
company that locates public and private underground utilities. We service the Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Bryan- College Station and Dallas areas. We have been in business 6+ years and have been damage free.” explains Joshua.
Joshua’s history in the business
led him into the decision to start Private Solutions. “I saw a great need on the private side of locating for homeowners and contractors and was willing to accept the challenge.” His experience and long-term service in the industry opened his eyes to private locating needs. “I have been locating underground utility lines since 1999. I’ve located in Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. I have been locating underground utility lines in Texas since moving here in 2010.”
His passion and dedication to
quality locating are apparent in
his involvement and excellence
in service. “I received 1st place
for telecommunications in the International Utility Locate Rodeo
in 2014. I have been involved with the Damage Prevention Council of Texas (DPC of Texas) and Texas 811 spreading awareness to ‘Call Before you Dig’. I have also received a letter of recommendation from the city
of Lampasas for protecting their Emergency Fiber Line.”
Joshua has great vision for the industry. If he could make one change happen that he believes would make a big difference to the industry, it would be this: “I would add more leadership
and training for supervisors in charge.
I feel it is important for anyone in a leadership role to understand they
must be humble and have patience for the locators they are responsible for.” Joshua believes in actively participating in the community aspect of the industry, doing his part to elevate the standards
and practices therein. “Being part of the DPC of Texas allows me to stay informed with the issues that people deal with and coming up with a solution for the problem is something I enjoy being part of.”
Two issues of utmost importance to Joshua are the safety of the people and spreading the awareness of the dangers involved with underground utilities. He
years of violation free locating services. Private Solutions guarantees to provide an experienced, competent, and adequate workforce.” They employ staff members who are “professional, branded, efficient, skilled in methods and marking procedures while maintaining effective communicative skills.” Because Private Solutions focuses so heavily on providing
excellent customer service and support, they have a great many testimonials from existing clients across the state of Texas such as The University of Texas, Cyrus One, Sea Breeze Energy Producers, LLC, and many more outstanding companies. But their dedication
in service is not limited to large establishments. “There were several instances where we did private locating for individuals that could not afford the fee that we charged so we accepted eggs and vegetables sometimes for payment. Their safety was very important to us so turning them down was not an option.” explains Joshua.
Having recently been involved with the hurricane relief in Louisiana... supplying food, batteries, flashlights, etc., giving back is at the heart of Private Solutions. “Private Solutions is also in the process of creating
a program for young individuals that have little to no education.” explains Joshua. “Giving them a job and providing them resources to continue their education. We
currently sponsor the HYPE Career Expo, which encourages young adults to continue their education. Having very little education growing up myself, I understand the struggles.” says Joshua.
This industry is full of compassionate and caring individuals working together to do their part in keeping the community at large safe and Joshua Wiggins and his team at Private Solutions are shining examples of just that.
Joshua Wiggins, Private Solutions
and his team at Private Solutions “are committed to providing the very best in reliability and safety when it comes to identifying underground utilities.” They employ “qualified contractors who are capable of managing your utility locating needs.” They are also proud to employ “multi-award-winning utilities locators who have earned many accolades in the utility locating community.”
“Our experienced locators have a combined total of twenty-three (23)
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