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Chris Stovall
We have now officially started 2021 and I am, personally and professionally optimistic about the year. We have been working closely with our membership and have big plans for the future. We continue to see progress toward our goals of zero damages and zero waste. The first big change, we have refined the way our core application handles notifications to members. This one change saves our members $24 Million
in associated costs this year alone. We will continue our efforts to deliver the highest quality damage prevention experience in the industry and together with our members, we will set the standard.
The work won’t be easy, and I am sure this year will have its share of challenges. We stay the course because we know it is worth it. Being in the business of damage prevention and public safety, we have signed up for the responsibility of protecting billions of dollars of underground infrastructure critical to the nation. And of course, the highest calling of ensuring that the men and women that work on and around these lines get to go home safe to their families every day.
Chris Stovall
President and CEO
2021, Issue 1
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