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New Products to
Soil Connect Launches First-To-Market, Patent-Pending eRegulatory
The only app that will help companies comply with all municipal environmental requirements
By Michael Downes 811 Magazines
With life returning
to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic — and the economy on turbo — construction of all kinds is ramping up across the country.
Utilities and roads are being upgraded, warehouses and skyscrapers are under construction and homebuilders can’t keep up with demand.
With all that activity, the question arises, what happens to all of the excess dirt from these projects — and other materials like asphalt millings and concrete?
If records aren’t kept to prove where they are dumped, land owners, general contractors, and trucking companies all can face stiff penalties, including felony charges in some states.
Soil Connect, a leader in leveraging technology to make construction- related dirt transactions easier, recently launched a new product that will revolutionize the regulatory side of transporting dirt and other construction materials, according to the company’s founder and CEO Cliff Fetner.
Cliff’s vision for Soil Connect is a one- stop shop for any and all of your dirt needs. The eRegulatory product is the next in their toolkit that helps users solve issues with paper manifests and regulatory needs.
“This is something we knew we had to tackle, because, as everybody knows, municipal and environmental laws only get stricter,” Cliff said.
The new technology will help landowners, general contractors,
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