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Chris Stovall
Zero damages and zero waste. You have likely heard me mention this phrase a time or two in the past couple of years. When
we talk about zero damages, we not only talk about it in an aspirational way, but we have practical ways for helping to move Texas in that direction. We have made significant progress in reducing damages in Texas as we have seen the damage ratio lowered every month this year as compared to last year. We did not accomplish this alone; we have had success in moving the numbers lower by working directly with Texas811 members and excavators and those partnerships have made all the difference in the world. We have now seen consistent and repeatable success which makes us excited about the prospect of continued progress in this area.
We have also made the largest impact to waste in the history of our company. We are on track for our annual waste reduction initiative which will save Texas811 members over $24 Million this year alone. As with our damage reduction aspirations, our waste reduction efforts are lofty but practical. We work directly with Texas811 members to intentionally target waste in the system and then eliminate it. Our success in this area is not only saving our members time and money, we believe it has a direct impact on improving safety. We thank you for taking the time to read our magazine and wish you a safe and prosperous 2021.
Chris Stovall
President and CEO
2021, Issue 4
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