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Chris Stovall
With a mission of damage prevention and public safety, we always keep our eye on the prize of zero damages in Texas. While we have not hit that mark for the entire state, we do have several members that are achieving zero damages for the year on a company-wide basis. The excavation volume in Texas continues to rise, but our damages per thousand are trending down. In
the last quarter of 2021, our excavation volume was up, and our damages were down. For example, our locate request volume was up 11.14% in October, and our damages decreased by 2% over the previous year. November was our second highest percentage increase over the previous year coming in at 20.52% over the
previous year’s volume and our damages were down 8.5%. And December excavation activity was up 11.52% over the previous December while damages decreased by 8.2%.
Our mission is an important one, and with some targeted efforts with our members, we are driving damages down in Texas. 2021 was a landmark year for training, education, and outreach, and we aim to do even better in 2022. Last year we saw many more members joining our risk mitigation program and leveraging analytics to predict and prevent damages before they occur. We believe 2022 will see continued growth in this program and continued reduction of damages in the state. Texas811 members are forward thinking when it comes to keeping the underground infrastructure in this state running and the people that work on and around it safe.
Thank you for taking the time to read our magazine. We look forward to a safe and prosperous new year for all our members and continued success in damage prevention and public safety.
Chris Stovall
President and CEO
2022, Issue 1
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