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Chris Stovall
2021 is in the books and we are on a running start into 2022. We finished 2021 with the lowest damage ratio Texas has seen since we began measuring the key metric. A breakthrough over the past year has been targeted damage prevention. We leverage data in the center to target our efforts to the areas of high impact.
Our Customized Solutions department works with our members to “intervene” on tickets that are identified as high risk. We use an algorithm and machine learning to determine the highest risk tickets for a given member and then intervene on the member’s behalf by reaching out directly to the excavator to inform them of the increased risk and factors contributing to that risk. We share a best practice request from the member, and this helps damages to go down for that member. Some members have eliminated damages completely, while most see a reduction of 35% or more.
In addition to interventions, we have also found that training helps drive damages down in the state. We have conducted online, in person, and virtual training sessions with the total reached at almost double 2020 numbers.
In addition to training and
education, awareness is also a focus.
Our most recent surveys indicate a
24% awareness level with DIYers.
This research led to a push in
targeted advertising to reach this
audience. The advertising resulted
in an increase in first time callers and homeowner tickets. We had approximately 250,000 notices from DIYers and first-time callers in 2021, up significantly from 2020 numbers.
Damage prevention is a shared responsibility, and we are proud to work alongside our membership to facilitate damage prevention and promote public safety, ensuring our critical infrastructure is protected and Texans are able to work safely. Thanks for reading.
Chris Stovall
President and CEO
2022, Issue 2
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