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 Chris Stovall
As summer is upon us and the Texas sun shines brighter, it is a good opportunity to reflect on our collective accomplishments and look forward to the exciting advancements that lie ahead. First and foremost, we want to express our gratitude to each and every one of you who has dedicated your time, energy, and resources to making Texas a safer place to live and work. Your commitment to our shared mission is what makes our mission a success.
At Texas811, our mission has always remained the same—to facilitate damage prevention, promote public safety, and
protect the environment through stakeholder education and communication. This mission has served as our guiding light throughout the years, bringing us together in a common purpose and driving us to continuously improve and innovate.
Looking back at the year so far, we can proudly celebrate numerous milestones and achievements as an industry. Through our collaborative efforts, we have successfully facilitated thousands upon thousands of safe excavations, preventing countless incidents and minimizing disruptions to vital services. The dedication of our members and stakeholders has been instrumental in the consistent improvement of our safety practices and processes.
But we must keep pushing forward. The world has given us exciting advancements in technology that promise to revolutionize the way we approach excavation safety. From the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhanced mapping and data analytics, the possibilities are endless. These innovations have the potential to provide us with deeper insights, faster responses, and more proactive measures, amplifying our ability to prevent accidents before they occur.
There is something that has me more optimistic than I have ever been, and that is the rapid rate of adoption of these new technologies and methods of digging safely. Texas, known for its pioneering spirit, has consistently embraced progress, and we are witnessing this firsthand as our members and stakeholders embrace these cutting-edge solutions. The momentum generated by this shared enthusiasm is propelling us toward a future where excavations are conducted with precision and confidence, protecting both our infrastructure and the lives it supports.
Amidst this surge of technological advancements, it is vital that we remain steadfast in our purpose. As we stride forward into this era of innovation, let us always keep in mind the reason behind our work—the protection of our critical infrastructure and, ultimately, the safety of our fellow Texans. Together, let us continue to prioritize education, collaboration, and vigilance, ensuring that our great state thrives in an environment free from preventable accidents.
Chris Stovall
President and CEO
  2023, Issue 3
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