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Was Any body H u rt? 7%”+%””’"o~»i;eo«ej“°”“
lwznzver an incident oeeurs — out in ilie field ilnai excavator. ol<, they olien only lauy liability insurante
or in ilie slmpa “was anybody lnui-re" is the firsl lieeause it is required — either by their Board of CCInII‘aCIcII‘s
question that srosses youi- ruiiid. And well it oi- the job they are doing. But if something goes wrong, ilne
sliould be! insurznte ageiii is the min oenson io know alioui ily right
A wonlrer injurzd on the job ean bz liandieanped for life — and ‘“":'_‘d ”‘_’ 5"’ "’"° ‘M “' '1“ €“Y 1“ ‘M “ ‘°‘ 3"“ Y°“' '1“
who: gonna pay {on liis ears? If lne works (or you and you ‘°“ ”“°"
do.i'i liaye iyorlrers comp insuranee — guess who: gonna pay You can enelude youi-sell ii-oru eoyerage if you elioose, but
for all or Ihis. iyliy on eanli would you?'.’ It's llwz most inexpensive. most
If  works for you a  part one a  really ;;'-"P~',;°"j*lv*;°V:”§; “"'.il’°"l"‘1E““.‘.,‘“{;">’ 1" "W 55"?"
“My stale says i don't liaye lo." No. your state says you rnusi io pay woi-lr—relaied injury elairns.
have ii if you liaye a certain nurulaen of ernoloyees. II doesni Y kr , . d.‘ _ 11
say anyuiing ai all ahclul now you re not liable to pay medical ‘:L‘:°L'__E:1’l:f::‘°j;:__i‘ lffgfnlgjgfo; 
hills and rzhah and lost wages if somzclne wlio woi-lrs for van . Y 3 5 P .
. . » — and yes. it your payrolls ai-e less ilian enoesied. you will
5*“ “"1 °“ "“1°"' B“a““ -“°“ 3“ 1'3"“ get a i-elunrl. More imponantlv, if youi- payrolls zxtezd iyliai
considen a car wretk [or just a rnorueni. Leis say you send was anlitipaled, your workers are soyei-ed anyway, and the
sorueone to ilie bank to inalre a deposit oi- drop on rnail orerniiirn won't lie cclllettzd lor lhzm uniil next audii or
di-iyiiig one of your velwiclzsy Irutk liauling equipment lor i-enewalz
example, and thzre is a wreck. It doesn't rnauer iylnose fault . , . . .
. . _ . . _ . Guys — gcllngshclrt on insui-anse lsnlsavmg you ruoney at
|( is. VVha( inaueis is llwal your employee is hu|l*Wa|L was H , , . . I‘ .
» . . ., _ a —ils eosuiig you in ilie long run. 1 was clntz luld, Your yola
llnere ruore than one emplclyez in that yelniele. woilrens . . , . . .
. _ . . _ . , _ . . is to sell ine insui-anee. Nay aeiually iny yola is keeping you
Lcllnp pays to. unhmlled yes unliiniied ruedieal bills. And . . .

. out ollinaneial trouble in lhz event or an accident, wlieilnen
reliala. It even pays losi wages for a certam nuruliea olweelrs “,5 3 mmkz you migh‘ have made 3 |_Ed1ighlyou__guy
wlny would any lausinessruan pul lniinsell in that predicament deeided io run. a ladder Ihat slipoed—ilne oppormnilies lor
wlien woi-lrens Comp is a test or doing business and is loss are endlessl in most cases, mum on worlrei-s‘ Comp lo
dedlltlihle? Jusl as dedueiilale as the diesel luel used to run lake care of ii (or you and ilierni Q

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