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ix; 3 A New Decade of Opportunity
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hen yon mention darnage sale excavation in the state. we preach cities and municipalities in the
prevention organizations edncation. we preach awareness. we history of the DPC or Texas. is... lint... it
in Texas, one of the preach onti-each. The key component Represenlalion lrorn those Iwo gronps
gronps that always of all or these (actors? commnnication. cornhined was a close second to the

wari-ants mention is the 5oi(c)(3l non— coininnnication is where the magic natiiral gas distrihiition and pipeline
profit Damage Prevention conncil oi happens within the damage prevention stalteholder gronp. its enconraging
Texas. Many fail to realize that the and excavation indnstiy. llaving the hecanse it tells ns that thei-e is a shai-ed
actnal scope of the organization is contacts to help solve the prohlerns no interest in damage prevention and
snpported hy a shared statewide passion inattei- how lai-ge or small, statewide that the grassroots damage prevention
ior saiety and damage prevention that oi- regionalt sometimes it's as simple model provided hy the 23 DI"(I chaptei-s
spans more than 268 thoiisand square as having that one person to rely on to is gaining traction.

rniles. help its throngh the challenges we lace. .

so, it yon re an excavator, locator,
This is an organization that held 53 The Damage Prevenlion coiincil iitility ownei; salety professional oi- a
total chapter meetings across the Lone of Texas oners this opporinnity. its state employee yon are invited. The
stai- state in long with attendance of an open lornm (or all stakzholders: DPC of Texas is only as strong as the
any’; attendees. Attendees that come cclnu'acIcII'St locators, us ntility owner/ stalteholder volnnteers who represent it
ii-om diverse hacltgronnds and diererent operators all helong. The DPC oiTexas and this starts at the local and regional
indnstiy staheholder gronps with one chapter meetings olter a platlonn [or levels. its the contiihntions oi the
common goal in mind: making Texas a discnssion across the entire spectrnm of diverse stalteholder gronp that keep
sale place to live and work. Diversity is stalreholders. the organization rimning and keep
what hi-eathes lile into the Tire chapter , . . the passion for change and damage
. , _. . . its linrnan natnre to [all victim to _ . . ,
meetings. its the diiving loree tn ,_ . ,, iednction alive and hreathing.
and change is innch needed. “ ° °“‘ SP9" ‘ 5 3 ° ‘° "E‘°“P- V . . 5 ‘
more olten than not the challenges and a world or opponnnity tn ii-ont of its to

According to damage statistics provided the lrnstrations expressed all lead back inilnence change. Join ns and he part or
hy Texassii, the state of Texas rmished to the party that is not represented at the soliition.

zen? with 5.4 damages to iindei-gi-oiind the tahle. The ups olters a seat at the To and W" ‘M lml UPC Ehapm
ntilities for eveiv iooo notices ol intent tahle for eveiyone. . . . .

: meeting visit [or
to excavate provided to the one call , . . . .
_ . . were looking to contintie hnilding on a calendar of events or contact
centei. while those 3.4 damages inclnde . . . .
. . . . the snccesses ol stakeholder diversity one ol vonr i-egional om oi Texas
all tindergroiiiid ntility types it still »
* in 2020. lm pleased to sliai-e that i-epi-esentatives.
tells tis we have a lot of work to do to . . E
h h , d d 1 i in 2019 we had the highest level of
c ange t e mm set an cit tnre or ,
i-epresentation lrorn conti-act excavators,
Statewide DPC Chapter Attendance by Stakeholder Group
I Gas/Pipeline
I1'/ii  I Telecom
91:; I slectnt
I Water/Wastewater
I Excavator
3"” I state Employee
Hp“ tore
" I One Call
I other
A . Tusssll 2020 issve i

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