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by lelm Yacubl
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ne of my lavelile banks is The seven l-laleils and churches are clesed. March Madness has been
nf Highly Elfective reeple hy slephen R. cancelled as have all prelessienal sperling evenls. They
cevey. Hind il hald le leelieve lhal il has even cancelled lhe l-leuslen hedeell sleles cannel heep
been mole lhan 30 yeals since il was firsl supplies |Iclilel paper and hand sanilizer le name just

pnhlished. My lecus leday is Habil a — “Begin wilh lhe Iwo) on lhe shelves. Nen—essenlial empleyees have heen
end in mind." Habil 2 is based en lhe principle lhal leld le slay heme. The DOW has dmpped lrem 1g,oucl
all lhings are clealed al leasl lwice. First lhere musl le 72,000. Lots ofhad lhings have happened. Everynne
be a cencepl er idea. once lhe cencepl is eslablished, has lheir ewn spin en lhe nalure nf lhe cerenavirus and
lhe secend slep isle make lhe cencepl a realily. lvlele hew le prelecl lhemselves and lheil leved enes.
cencisely, picll lhe lighl lhing ID dd, lhen de il RIGHT. How an A Pandemic be whim lined? Them an MS
while lining is a cemhinalien of both lhe cenceplien of maps available, hnl lhe realily appears le he lhal,

el a preiecl (pulling semelhing in lhe ground) and al leasl for lhe memenl, lhe spread of lhe disease is

lhe safest pessihle way nf gelling whalever il is in lhe mere er less unde. cenlrel. Here is where lhe while
gmund. How is while lining pan of lhe cenceplien of line cemes in — hew seen can we gel back le vnermallv
a prejecl? If yen wanl le gel lechnical, while lining Who gels Io draw lhe while line? i.e.. whe gels le

is pxnbahly nel parl nf lhe hasic purpese of a prnjecl decide when lhe pandemic is over? ll appeals to me
(e.g.. lhe purpese el an nndergrennd ulilily is le meve lhal lhe nalienal press is "all in” wilh lhe cencepl nf

a quantily of sernelhing flnln peinl A le peinl B). The never lelling a good crisis ge le wasle. The hesl advice
quantity le he moved and lhe reule helween Peinl A l have heard is le nel panic. seener er laler we WILL
and Peinl B are crilical factors in eslimaling lhe cesl of gel lhlengh lhis and we WILL recover. ll weuld he niee
lhe preiecl and hew leng il mighl lahe le implemenl lhe if we. as a nalien. could all pull in lhe same dileclien
prejecl. Thal is where while lining cernes in. while le gel lhrdugh lhis. l den'l necessarily agree wilh

lining requires lhe develeper to aclually lonk al lhe everylhing lhal is geing en. hul l wnrk hard al Irying le
sile — nel just maps el aerial pheles. By while lining a he parl of lhe selnlien and NOT pall of lhe pmblem.
"?““”'. ‘he ‘“‘’'’'°’’‘" °‘ ‘f’“‘““°' 9"‘ ‘ g°°" '°.‘’‘‘ ‘*3 ‘h‘’ lhepe lhal hy lhe lime lhese lheughls reach yen, a
silualien and males lhe 101) el lhe line lecalels lnlimlely . h 1 1. h b d 1 d d
easien ll cenllicls are discevered, changes le lhe roule “"°"““ °‘ 5°“ °‘ “ 5° “ '°“ 3‘ “E” ‘M “P” 3“

d/er lhe end lecaliens are ossible wilhenl inculrin ‘*““ “°"° °‘ W“ ha“ 5“““°" “Y '“°“ ‘““" “"‘°'“‘*‘Y

an P E

lhe cesl of lasl minule re—n)ules or, even worse, lhe cesl “°°“‘"Y’ '

el shulling dewn a ieli while damage le exisling ulililies

is repaired. The likelihood el an injury er a dealh is _

minimized when while lining is used. /ohn lamb: mm-W1/mm PHMSK

_ V _ Far quzsfians Dr mlllmmfs, email‘
As i wrile lhis (lhe ldes of March), lhe Cmnnavlrus /‘/‘n[wb'@s”CXIabnl‘7'Ef
has hammered lravel and mass galherings. scheels
20 . lensaal 2020, !ssu:2

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