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Enforcement ll"
erenlly a lriend asked rne enlni-rernenl againsi an exrayalor woiild be siirprised ifany siaie lias losl
in could oller my opinion in the alisenre dladeqnaie siale signifitanl lnnding. ldd believe Ihat
regarding ilie elleriiyeness darnage preyeniirin prdgrarris. Tlne PHMSA—iniIiaIed excavation darnage
ofslale—1evel enloreeineni of liiial rnle was published Jiily as. anis arlidiis directly against exrayaiors in

pipeline erraralion darnage prevenlion (80 FR 43335 — 43363. [Dotket No. a very lew eases. bul i am nni familiar
prdgranis. More speeierally, are PlIMSA—2oog—ol9z,Amdl.No.1gE—I: any final diiirornes.

ilnere lewer excavation dainages Io igs—7]l and look elleri Janiiaiy ii aois. . .

d d . 1. . . Aso[Ioday,vlrtually all siale Extavzllcln

nn ergrdiiii pipe ines rn states ilnai Tliis riile was neressary because ilie d h H Uh
have strong enloreeineni versus slaies slaies are llie prirnary enldrrers ol "‘,"‘.ag* P'°€“;"5§ °“ h"‘“CF;
iliai have less rc|h\IS(pI‘og1‘a|ns? darriagepreyeniidn prograrris and 5”“ 3' 35*‘ Y-'49

seenis like a simple question — bul ii is PHMSA had ‘F’ d”‘°""‘“° ‘ha’ 3 ".3" . .

. . . . program was lnadequate lseleire going -rliere is no doiilai‘ al leasl in rny

‘"Y‘1"“€ "“‘ 5""P1°> Tl“ 5”‘ “S” '5 direrlly alier yiolalors in ilie affected rnind Ihat i eline extavation

wliai kind dlpipelines? Tlnere are ilnree I ‘ K 1 ‘. .1. 01 d i P P . _ _ k
kinds D”‘_m__do“s liquid (“,9 Cm, s a e. you iaye |mEyx is war arnage prEVEnl)0llEIlOg1aln§ wor .

. . . , . reading. willi ilie adyenl of rail belore
Part ids) p|p21|nEs: lransmlssmu lines, d. . F d h
gallnering lines and ncln—jurisdicIiona1 lrelired (rein PHMSA Ottclber 3i. znia Y“ '5 ’“’‘‘““ ‘°“ “"35” “V”
“M Gas U. CF“ P ‘ ) . 1. 7 b ‘ _ h H 1 1 M. h d generally irended downward. see
. 9 ar 19’) pipe ines e niei e na rii e was pn is e . , .
1 _ . _ . . PHMSAS Darriage preyenndn rage.

area oirnoierornpliraied. Tlieloiii Bullwas involved in ilie early siages

major raiegdries are iransrnission lines of nying to develop tritelria for an ""P‘”P""‘”+”‘"”“>""’-9“"/‘°’"’”/

. . . . . . ' . . . . DamageI’I2l12n1lmx.hIm.

gailiering lines, dlstnbullon lines [all -eeleelrye darnage preyennon program.

Part I92 lines ilnai are noi iransrnission Tlie linal criteria are ldnnd in 49 cm In tndays liiigioiis sdrieiy, civil

or gailiering) and non—jni-isdiriinnal §igs.55. wlnal ri-iieria will PHMSA liability is, in rny opinion‘ probably as
lines. iise in evaluating llie ellerlireness oi signifitanl as enlorrerrienl aulhorily
PHMSA (ml Us DOTS “Fell” slaie damzgfiplvvenlinn enlr.rrern‘ehni in lerrris dlrednring exrayaiion ‘ V

d “ _d M I _. 1 S H programs. inerriory serves ine, ere darnage. Tlne rwerwlnelrriing rnaioriiy
3" 3”‘ “"5 3 “"3 5 3 9 V were originally only ID or so slales that of I"ll‘»/ISA and siale i eline rd rarn
“d'“‘“‘5‘““°“) "W5 "“°"*‘°“ lailedir. nieei llie ri-iieria and were i -‘ ' " P P k‘ Pl ad‘
all jurisditticlna] pipelines. But are I _. k ‘ 1 . I M . I d _ 1 *1“ °‘‘""“]?‘ ‘’ Pa.Pf""°’ "3 31”“ ‘“
 nol ronsisnni In:-myearlo ;m;;;n°foj5'i"%E§;; fag‘  '}a*?°'"P 'jv="j"*j°'"° fig‘ my
year. Every liine the PHMSA repnrling (As an Esidftfm mmm ‘X}§'M§; ‘:"“"°'“1°“d“ “° °' _‘f‘F"° ““
ldrrns rliange, ilie inlorrnaiion elianges G .d 1. K‘ N‘ ‘ P 1. . 1. . “_ "*]““‘* Y °“_;'"“,"‘”.i W";
mdhgemnm dimmh mompm hh\l|:l|1Fs cg.‘ a sis‘. ai_ ieipa ing in iegnaiorysian peinni Sclmel ing
Pmmmam ‘mm ym to ym TM I e ipe ine a eiy iogiani ronsisis is ndi documenledy It did ncll liappen.
- - r I of 559 pages of legalzse» The only two Tliere is no erriise [or llie rrirriinals
quanuty dldala is rnind lioggling. . . .
. . . . slaies Ihat do not parutlpzle are Alaska Ihat elinnse Io igndre llie riile of law

lvlalnng sense of ii is even rnore rnind d H .. h . HNSA . . .

bu H" an awaii w ere A ererrises and no good remedy ldr llie yiriirns

5% 9 direrl aulhonly. All ilne dilier stale: arreried. .

The Pipeline Inspettiony rrdleeiion, gel up to we of ilneir eligilile pipeline

Enlorrerneiii, and Safety (PIPES) Act saleiy prclgraln expenses]. Tliose ilnai

of arms, reqnired PHMSA lo eslalalisln were inadequate were priinarily diie to ,.,h,, ,,,,.,,, ,_.,m ,,1,,,, l)HM5A‘
review rriieria [or siale extavation lack or legislaliye anilnorily ai ilne iirne. pg, qM(V5’“;H5 9, ,,,,,,m,.,5, W”
darnage preyenlion law enldreeineni Mosi, it ncll all, ol ilie enldrrernenl W,c,,,,(.g-,,cg,,,i,,,,_,,,_,,
programs to allow PHMSA to cclnducl inadeqiiaeies have lseen eorreeled and l

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