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“SUE plays an important role in preventing underground infrastructure conflicts, so we are fortunate to have many providers participating in Damage Prevention Council of Texas (DPC) meetings and events.” says Ms. Sanders “DPC meetings provide valuable opportunities for SUE firms to establish relationships with other various industry stakeholders across Texas and ultimately educate others on the value of damage prevention through design.” Look for ways to work with and support the DPC of Texas by visiting our website at:
Glenn Fox is the North Texas SUE Manager for Horrocks Engineers. He can be reached at 469-444-8050 and at
Tina Sanders is the North Texas Damage Prevention Manager for Texas811 and Secretary of the non-profit Damage Prevention Council of Texas. She can be reached at 469-595-1357 and at
and fiber cables were also mapped. Two large sewer lines crossing the corridor and each other were critical to utility investigation because gravity systems are more challenging to design around. The GIS-grade drawings provided by the owner were incomplete. Horrocks’ crews investigated structures on
both lines to accurately connect the manhole locations so conflicts could be addressed.
SUE adds significant damage prevention and risk management value to
infrastructure projects. Commenting
on this phenomenon, Horrocks’ Project Design Manager Kevin Cox shared the value of SUE for utility design work and overall project outcomes: “Advanced utility investigation repeatedly proves valuable for project owners. By first converting incomplete utility records into survey-quality data, design firms can produce accurate designs and coordinate utilities with confidence, saving time, money, and headaches along the way.”
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