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Nextdoor Advertising W Promotes 811 to Homeowners
By Christi McLain Communications Manager Texas811
ith more than 29 million residents in Texas, you can imagine how difficult it can be to communicate to each person. One of the most challenging aspects of raising awareness around 811 with homeowners and
DIYers is a person may see an ad or post on social media but may not actually dig until months later. How do we make these posts and ads stick?
Nextdoor Advertising gives us the ability to run ads people can relate to – ads that make an impact on their lives.
Texas811 began using the Nextdoor Advertising platform in August 2020 to help raise awareness about 811 with homeowners and DIYers. Nextdoor advertising works similar to paid ads on other social media platforms. We create an ad, set the bid amount and daily budget, and then run the ad for a specific timeframe. On the dashboard, we have access to real time reports that show us our spend, impressions, and click through rate (CTR). The industry average CTR on Nextdoor is 0.45% – 0.55%. In 2021, Texas811 has seen a CTR of 0.95% – 1.27%.
To help gauge the success of our ads, we use Google Analytics to track our website traffic. We also receive a report monthly that tracks our homeowner ticket volume.
During National Safe Digging Month of this year, we saw a 17% increase in Homeowner ticket volumes over April 2020. We also reported 12,006 visits to the webpages used on our ads.
A recent Nextdoor Advertising ad.
2021, Issue 4
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