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By Ketha Molina
Texas811 Damage Prevention Manager
Are You a High Performer?
etha-Nator”, a nickname given to me by and feels unhappy or anxious which could lead to burn out.
my former employer. I’ve mentioned him before, he is a good man that believed in me, supported, and trusted me. But why did he think I was like the Terminator? Was I a
I could write and talk for days on this topic, where a woman must choose her own journey and know her limits. Please consider joining our social enterprise the “Leading Women of Damage Prevention” (LWDP) where we discuss topics like this and others that can help us become bold, confident and brilliant as we make this journey through life. For additional information on LWDP, contact me at
As far as the Ketha-Nator? Oh, she’s still around, she is different in many ways. She is still focused, loves her job as a Damage Prevention Manager, works hard, and plays hard too! And she is very HAPPY. Ketha-Nator is here to stay - I think I need to have a shirt made!
Ketha Molina is the President of Leading Women of Damage Prevention and Treasurer, Damage Prevention Council of Texas
machine and not human?
Let’s see, I would be on location by 6:30 am, bright eyed and bushy tailed. I wrote and executed all curriculum for
all divisions of our company. I led all safety meetings and training and trained my techs and other employees. I was on scene for investigations and incidents, reports were never late, and always thorough and fair. Thinking about
it now, I even slept in my truck a few times. I was always busy, really busy, I always had something to do. I was always working. I was proud to call myself a workaholic. Maybe I was a machine? Deep down inside though, I wasn’t that proud nor happy and I was extremely tired. I found myself talking to Ketha-Nator, telling her that the hard work was for the team, the employees, and the company. But my goals have always been to work hard, do the job beyond expectation, change cultures, have a chair at the men’s table, and to help other women succeed. That, my dear, are goals achieved by a high performer! And although I had met the mark on some goals, I was missing the mark on others because I was too busy!
There is a fine line between being a hard worker and a workaholic, so I’d like to share a few things that I’ve learned over the years. Let’s begin with the workaholic. You know, the type someone who buries herself in work and avoids participating in her own life? When she always makes work the highest priority and feels bad or anxious when she isn’t working, she could be a workaholic. A high performer? Well, her goal is to do business, and what matters to her
is results. She works hard, remembering that her time is valuable, so she starts the day with prioritizing the most important tasks and completing them. But what about the unplanned tasks or fires that can arise? High performers complete the most important things first then move on to the unplanned events. Strategy is key and they overcome distractions. Having learned that, I’m able to be a high performer along with my teammates at Texas811 while maintaining a happy, healthy, and successful home life as well.
Lessons learned on my life journey...High performance
and workaholism look the same on the outside. They both look like hard work; the BIG DIFFERENCE is how the individual feels on the inside. A high performer works hard in healthy sustainable ways and feels happy and satisfied.
A workaholic works hard in unhealthy unsustainable ways
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