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Agua Puro in El Paso
By Steve Teran
D&H United Fueling Solutions
Paso del Norte Chapter President, Damage Prevention Council of Texas
In the West Texas Chihuahuan desert, oil spill mitigation training on waterways isn’t a common occurrence. However, this type of training is very important in El Paso as emergency responders, contractors, pipeline companies, and other entities
work hard to keep the local environment clean and the community safe from harm due to an oil spill. Advance preparation and training for possible scenarios such
as a pipeline rupture, rail or tanker spill, storage tank failure or even the yet to be identified incident is critical. So, on May 27, 2022, D&H United Fueling Solutions, Marine Spill Response Corporation, the El Paso County Local Emergency Planning Committee, El Paso Fire Department, and the Paso del Norte chapter of the Damage Prevention Council of Texas partnered to hold the First Annual Oil Spill Response Drill featuring waterway boom training.
Every job, every time.
CenterPoint Energy training is focused on making sure your leadership and field personnel understand the 811 state laws, safe digging best practices, and other tips to help your projects be completed damage free without the delays and expenses of cutting a natural gas line. Most importantly, it is critical we cover how to stay safe in the event of a cut natural gas line.
Our training also covers the steps to prevent natural gas ignition, explosion, and inherent risks should blowing gas from a damaged pipeline occur in your community.
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