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DPC of Texas Board Spotlight Casey Thames
Who do you work for and what do you do?
I work for Western
Midstream, a company that was formed from the Anadarko Petroleum acquisition by Occidental
Petroleum. I manage Pipeline Operations for 3,800 Miles of Oil, Gas, and Water lines in West Texas, and Southeast New Mexico. My subject matter expertise since joining the DPC has been One Call and Excavation based, leading the Line Locating efforts as part of our Damage Prevention program, in addition to WES Public Awareness campaigns.
What’s a typical day for you?
Typical days for me are usually
those that are not typical! At any
given moment, my team is managing hundreds of One Calls, and tens of active excavations or encroachments. I keep track of procedural compliance, work with 3rd party contacts to resolve issues or concerns within projects both for us and around us. I review analytics on tickets received, located, cleared, etc. I stay active in numerous internal and external initiatives, including but not limited to the DPC responsibilities.
Describe how and when you got involved with DPC.
I’ve participated in DPC events and meetings since 2013, representing Kinder Morgan, El Paso Natural
Gas at the time. In 2018, I took a management role with Anadarko Petroleum; I became involved in a strong way – encouraging participation and sponsorship from my company. I’ve had a continuous relationship with the DPC of Texas across multiple chapters and initiatives, including the start-up Southeastern New Mexico DPC, and currently serve as vice-president of the Permian Basin Chapter. Representing Pipeline, I serve as Secretary on the DPC of Texas Board of Directors.
Have you had a mentor or person who helped influenced you to get to where you are today in damage prevention?
I’ve been lucky to have worked with
a handful of people during the tail end of their long, broad careers. I attribute all my success to the patience they had with me as I was learning the ropes. A few people stand out, continually reiterating the need to maintain my personal integrity in how I conduct myself in the workplace. As
wife and 2 children the way I left each day. And this motto goes the same for my co-workers and peers. Although I’m passionate about what I do, it is done for them. I strive to succeed and make a difference in my professional career as an example to my family, and to hopefully instill my good traits, as
I continue to work on my not so good traits. Within my career, I’ve been told stories pertaining to my Dad and Grandpa’s work ethics. Although I’m nowhere as stoic as either of them, I embrace the idea of leaving such an impact to where I’m spoken of in a positive manner once my time here is done.
What qualities do you bring to the DPC board of directors?
I’d like to think qualities like Honesty, Integrity, Adaptability, and Team driven would explain it. I have the ability to vocalize opinions – whether they be good, bad, or indifferent. I’ve learned that even when I bring ideas
to the table that aren’t always a 10/10,
I can still start a conversation amongst others by opening the discussion. I enjoy collaborating on ways to improve whatever it is I’m involved with.
Do you have personal or professional aspirations that could be enhanced by board service?
There is nothing specific that I’m looking to achieve aside from reaching the goal of zero damages, although I do feel that my representation on behalf
of my industry and employer within
the Board is a positive thing. From
a broader perspective, I would hope
to stay involved within the Damage Prevention community and initiatives. I find fulfillment in bringing value to the table when we are discussing boots on the ground issues, and I do believe that I’m qualified to speak about those. If my impact, and service on the board leads to better opportunities within my career – I’ll call that the icing on top.
we regularly come across situations where the easy thing to do doesn’t always align with the right thing to do, I was empowered to make the decision that sometimes would create conflict. Ultimately those decisions prove best for both parties. Most of us know the struggles encountered in this line of work and supporting the DPC is yet another way to relay the message of why we do what we do.
What motivates you in your personal and professional life?
Both answers tie back to my family. I’m continually motivated to return to my
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