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Serving in Paso del Norte Chapter officer roles over many years, Steve is
a quiet, calculating Safety, Health, & Environmental professional who avoids the limelight and instead focuses on providing the lion’s share of the hard work behind the scenes in the planning & execution of chapter meetings
and excavation safety days. In his ongoing role as liaison to the El Paso County LEPC, Steve is without a peer regarding conducting direct outreach to emergency management personnel and fully integrating that stakeholder group into Paso del Norte chapter activities. Steve’s direct outreach to excavators
in the field and their management
in business settings has proven to be invaluable in bringing excavators to meetings and events.
In closing, Steve is one of the most caring and dedicated industry professionals I have ever worked with.
David Ferguson (right) presents award to Gabriel Thisius – Southeast Region
The Southeast Texas Regional Champion is a District Manager for USIC in the fourth-largest city and third-largest county in the US, with over 4.8 million residents. He has been a District Manager with USIC since 2018 and started in the Damage Prevention industry as a line locator in 1999 in the San Francisco Bay area.
This Champion has volunteered to provide a meeting space and lunch, give presentations, and serve in a leadership role as the current Vice President of the Southeast Texas Chapter.
He is passionate about damage prevention and proud to be a member
of the Damage Prevention Council
of Texas. He continuously promotes healthy working relationships between our diverse stakeholder groups, which have contributed to establishing a successful and welcoming organization.
are aware of any safety hazards. He conducts weekly safety and training meetings with all employees. In addition, he reports gas line damages
to the Texas Railroad Commission of Texas. He works with Risk Management to ensure all City Employees follow all safety procedures.
In 2010 Hector Martinez, Santiago Villarreal, and Doug Meeks met for the first time, creating what is now the DPC of Texas “Border Damage Prevention Council.” Hector Martinez served as Vice President until 2012 upon retiring from the City. Three years later, he came out of retirement, and in 2021, Hector Martinez was elected Border Damage Prevention Council President. Hector is always willing to help whenever asked and provides the best Customer Service. Hector’s number one priority is to provide employees with the proper training in safety procedures.
Please help us congratulate our 2022 Regional Champions for the DPC of Texas.
 Jesse Torres (right) presents award to Hector Martinez – Southeast Region
Hector Martinez joined the Laredo Water and Sewer System in September of 1978. Hector Martinez joined the department as
a maintenance
worker shortly
after that; he
was promoted to
Pump Man and
Assistant Water
Plant Operator.
Due to his fast-
learning abilities
in conducting
water chemistry
analysis and
demonstrating his
various capabilities,
he was promoted
to Laboratory
Technician. He
served 17 years
in that position.
In 1995 he was
promoted to Water
Pollution Control
Laboratory Analyst.
In 2005, Hector
was promoted to
Safety Specialist
I. He performs
site inspections to
ensure employees
use the proper
equipment and
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