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ln ilie eveni Ilnat ilie exeavaiion projetl wliiie lining iseedrnes rndre ingrained area and D!‘ on their pi-dperiy. Pre—

is ioo large In mark iising wliiie in ilie prosess nf pr2—excavation saieiy excavalion markings Irclrn the extavator
lining or is so expansive that a liill standards‘ some eiiies have reeogniaed enable iliai cmnmunicalicln lo ialre
desenpiion cannot lie provided on a ilie pdieniial and passed oi-dinanees plaee. II also lielps sneaie emeieneies
line loeaie iislrei, ilien ilie dpei-aior and pei-iaining io ilne prattice. For exarnplm ii-en. an accurzty and iirne rnanagerneni
ilie extavator sliall edndiisi a face—lo— ilie Cily oi Lubbork rEquII‘ES ilnai standpoint If we ran identify ilie stops
[ace rneeiing ln diseiiss ilie excavalion anyone filing (er a pennii io extavate of ilie woi-la ii ddesni sneaie wasied
aclivities and id establish protnrols niiisi have Iheir ai-ea wliiie lined prior iirne marking iinneeessary area oiiiside
ldr, ilne interval lieiween each ndiiee io requesting an iindei-groiind iiiiliiy olilie seope iliai ilie excavator may havz
io ilne nolification eeniei-. ilie seope locale. Section 36.09.1192 subsetlion (9) provided on ilne one sall noiieer

oi each loeaie i-eqnesi Iitkzts ilie lile olilie Utility cdnsii-iieiidn in Publir From an mmms Dim OHM ‘(,5
(diiraiion) of eaeli linz loeaie iielrei and lxigliisniway ordinance siaies, "1-lie an my my [D dmf; wmm_mk;m

the sslnediile of work on ilie extavalion pei-rnii lndldei-, ulilily oi- now iisei- shall ‘I k d H U‘ I

and elii-dndlogieal order in wliisln mark ilne pmpnsed excavation siie wiil. d": "_’°f “.'ffh“"_ ,3 °‘”5 “.3” f’

ilie applicable losaie iielreis are io lie paini and/Dr llags in colors esialilislied 9 j""‘“° ‘ .°‘““;“ ‘(‘?f?l‘ ‘." _ I
rnai-lied. by ilie dnesall sysiern. The markings "“ h °'. °’f§°““3 1.“ “ ; ‘ Ydffi?‘ °

. . _ _ _ sliall lie plaeed a disianee of ndi less ""3? 3”“ °"‘“‘* '°"' “ 3 . ' “?“'
now is die best practice of wliiie lining . . . ialring good photos of die wliiie lined
. . . ilian Five (5; ieei in all direeiidns ii-orn .
lseing applied in Texas? . . area aiier ilie ldsaie and prior lo
‘he °“"‘d“ l’°"“d‘”/ “I m“ 5“ ‘° 1“ exeavaiion is a critical tom sneni of
Acmniillg Io daia piilled Imm ilie excavated." 1 . , . . . . P
. . . I ie mvesllgatmn ii a line is darnaged.
Texas noiieeaiions of inieni io excavate. . .
. , WI|aI are lIIe Ilenefils of pre— Inacturale rnarlrings or no markings ai

‘9'9.% “.311 .“°“"“°.'” “‘,‘"""““‘=’ 3 excavalinn iriarliirigs? all in ilne plioio iell a sloxy.

noiisieaiion in aois ideniilied that iliey

woiild have ilie ai-ea ol extavalion wliiie lei-ainy cdrnyloi-d wiiln uslc lidpes iliai Communicalinn and besl praeiiees
lined. in 20! ilie ersenia e rest In inoi-e excavators will Conlinuz Io build are lre in reventin nndes 'ound

9 P E Y P E E‘

27.2%. For ilie two years eornlained on ilie irend liere in Texas and had ilnis darnages. After all, isni iliai wliai

iliais,ia5i irisianeesl li indieaies io say eoneei-ning ihe besi pi-aeiiee: iriosi dairiage preveniioii and saieiy
iliai wlnile ilne laws lnene in Texas may ,_ . . , . . prolessionals are striving for? Beller

. . . . wlnie Ilnlng is always a good pnasiiee . . ., . . . _. _
noi lie as ngid Dr regiilaied in iliein , . CDmIn\InlL‘a(|Dn. wlnie lining piidi io
. _ . . . {or several neasdns. in i-esideniial . . .
neoiiiieinenis Ior wliiie Ilnmg, iliene . . _ . extavauon is a proven way io innease
. . . Conslrutticllls iliere is Value in leiiing . . . .
lias laeen an insnease in prE—exL‘avauon CDmIn\InlCa(|DnII1r0|Ig11 V|S|Iz1 dialogiie.
_ . . _ ilie lioinedwnes or landowner know
malkmg praeiises DVEI ilie lasi yean As . . .
iliai work will lie perldnned in die..-
Our Cammunify. Our SaIely._Cu|| 811 before you dig!
Visit www.IhuII.ut/pipeline or www.<u||8l I .¢om
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