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Now What? 
Jacflflfl. MS
ne oi the requirements ior -rliars wliy you bave liability insurance. going io take oiber, more eirpensive,
gening a conlrac1or's license "Well," you say, "I've been doing this iolks. Notice wliere it said "expensive"?
is sbowing ibe Board of ior is years and never liad In use my -rliacs means corning nut oi your
Cantratozs that you bave insurance." Good ior youi -rlien comes pnrkel ii you didni call. And no, you

liability insurance. Because ieclinically. ibe day wlien someone doesn't do can't Iurn il into your insurance either,
every board Ihal issues any kind oi something they were supposed io do, because you broke ibe law and iliere
license can be lield liable ii one oi and now thankfully you liave insurance, is NO coverage ii a law was broken.
ilieir licensees proves himself io be right? li we knew wlien iliere was going yes, insurance companies are newly
inrompetenl and—liere's the kick2r~ io be a problem, we'd make sure it never eniorcing this eirclusion.

cosis somebody moneyl happened‘ wouldn't W2? A bmkm law ‘mm: in mm“ 31
Safety is iniponani, oi course, and so Yet ibe iasresi way In run into a act and intenlinnal acts are never

are good job periorinance and greai problem is failure in call xii. [Drinking covered. And yes. now you liave io deal
cusiorner service — but the thing iliai on the job would be a close s2condY) ii wiib your siaies enfnrcemenl board
makes ibe wbeels iurn is cosring you are going io disiurli dial suriace because, like it or nut, everybody is
somebody money because you did soil. you bad belle: know wliars under getting real serious about compliance
someibing wrong. your irenclier or exc:dvator...l:lefore it iliese days.

It keeps lawyers driving Mercedes and 3”“ 300”! Tliere was a coniraciorwlio subbed oui
Linmlns. li you do something wrong "I don't liave iime for that" “Time is a short little strelch oi mad to trench
iliai costs someone money, iliey are money." “They iake um lung" ‘'1 ain'I and well, no they didn't call and yes,
going io siep into a courlmmn and get it bad a problem, yet" — yep, beard you. iliey hit a fiber line and yes‘ it Look nut
back for ibeir clients, PLUS. And a liiile Bul, as a businessman — and you are gun and no, it cnuldli-l't liave been mucb
ior their elfcirts, oi course. a businessman wlieiber you liave iour worse. Bul wait! Yes. ii could— ilie


3" ‘§°‘"¥ ‘° *‘“PP“"' “‘"" “WY-" 5“°‘Y mgne it's costin Ingxlie You didn't g a the claim because sir wasn't called
'““‘‘"E‘' ‘“*Y *3" “‘*“““‘5- “"*Y b nut waifin fcirgu to come mark covered " II doesn't sa “malire " it sa s
“M ”*E“‘“ ‘“‘“‘"E '""“"E5* “WY 4“ ibye utilities ngow you liave to come --inieniional " wlien yin don't comply’
‘“”'Y‘“‘.“g ""’Y P°“‘“Y “"" ‘° Wk‘ back and fix the water lines, go lo the wiili the law. il isn't accidental. And
5"” “‘°" W‘ “"°“’ “’*“*‘ "“’Y “"3 enforrement board liearin a ilie onl sudden and arcidental arts are
doing and bow to not only do the job fi , g' P Y . Y

but dn it me] _wm ‘he fin H um ne. wliy. If you called and ilie lines covered.

. . V V P were marked and you lin iliem anyway .

oncb wncb, they bave to know what's now R M‘ “I ml‘ um “I Hakim If you know wliai your insurance
below or it's not going to be a safe You follnwefifihe law ‘did 5:3‘ 0“ Y‘ covers and dn2sn't cover, you are

job. And if it i5n'I safe, it's gonna cosi Wm 5“ mm [D Em "aw 15 on beiier equipped to iake care oi your
someone a lot oi money and iliars what wmbogp 9152 business: Build calling Sn into all your
"liability" means. wliomever didn't do ii Y * procedures. ooni accept "I didn't liave
rigln is the one wlio is liable io make ii If you didn't call En and you hit iliose lime" irom your people. It's jusl nut
rigln, no matter whal it iakes. fiber nplic lines—you cani fix il. Tliais accepiable anymore. .

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