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causing a uagasssssasss in sass ssssaaa Texas valves ass osssass- so gss sass wases on." ."l 3"‘ ‘f;f“‘“‘}'_“5 ‘X: _;‘".Y ‘in’
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have happened as. sass firsl place and wosas so as tuck sss approximately seven sssassusus planl never ssoppsoa. asus
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numerous ssssausassss, and aaaus Bell ass paint sasas we sossasa wosas sass lines" sssssassa so ase sseassoa. sass planl sass as
cs-sasss headquarters asasa so sasus down explained Assoas. full osooaussaoss so gss as much wases
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sasas could asays asses. avoided. . s « tried so sssaasssaass sasas 35 psi asus wsa-s
we often speak csfdse danger cafgas H16 en fare "'"=*‘"‘=.**"*“?““.“5W"V

. . . we put up sass asosa wasss uossse. ws
asssss asesug asss, asesauss sassy can 7 - ~ 7 1 mm m Ed mm W“ W M
uusaossasssoaay be deadly: but saasssags so 1 In € I [00 \ kg 1 “mp?” it am am ewe gm
a wasess aasse sass ass saasasssosss as wsaa. up ‘I: P 5 b H‘ h t M
This as sass ssus ssosy cafjusl ssssas a ~ » V 2 ' °‘’ W“ P” 3 Y 3 °.“ ‘ ‘ °“'

. ll/(LS )7 O }(1 7 \ day so romplets sase ssepass ou sass asaas
““‘“““" . « and so gss sass wasss sus-sssd hack on."
On Augssss as, zosss Bren}|am's gas (1 /)0 u f (1 1 (J — explained Massasew. Including sase asoia
superinlendenl, Auds Ecaslain. was wasss ssosiss, sass sasy was ssssiosssay
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a wases-aaus oyss assss, but we aaso C 0} I I }) (3 [E I I E? figsm f“ an mm” “Ed ,1 my and
5"“ ‘°'“°‘1‘i“5 "BUY “'°"5‘" ‘ disu-ibsfts as ous so Uleyccammunily at
same sass yoass of a wosasss wasas sass - - I . '
Ieleccunmunicalions cmnpany sasas ’ 9/) H I ’ 0 ’ I f 1 5 ;1;;‘°;;*;;;°;u*:j},;:§' g°‘;:;j';;;=;'“
was pulling fiber oplirs aassss in sass I , /, i ' .
 60 a <1 "< 10 :::'1:.“s“s::s‘:*;;::“as”s::aa::sr:s:‘
also asas our gas aassex‘ explained Assde. ) . ,/ ) ) _ “Ed hm been going“) ‘M deep 5;
so get I 16 Malta 
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‘“1°‘°'“'“““"“"°"5 ‘°'“P‘*“Y W“ 0 } I have saosss was soss drill osss sase asphalt
gos ass sousas wasas sasaws. Bcalenbarr, . . . and h dm W dawn G“ 5 01 mm
‘°!‘“"““‘°“ "‘“‘“g" 3"“ "Ea 31°“? assaose sass company asegass boring‘ Ande sass diplll was aasaose ass sasos asas bare
wssas Massassw avaouassda. Brenlnams h d ‘ ,1,‘ ‘h ‘ 1. I ‘h .,
wases sysssms ssspssissssndssss wsse 3 “E W‘ . 9'" ° Veg“ '3 E E ““““5‘
. . . depth as whach sass asosssssg sasouaoa ass
ssumssasassay on sass sssus as sassy sssssa dam ufimm this telmmmunmions -rass shouldas cmlldas wmlldas cannot
so asssssaas. sass dama s and sso sass . ase avoided wassu a ni asssssass oasasas
5 P company was domg bares aaa sasssougas 5
Ierrible leak sasas was draining sase sasys _ sssaguasusas occurs. But as sasas tales sass
sass sowss, we had alaeady made ass
wases supply. 3 meme"! in an mm m mm wosassss oa Brenhalns Tssas aoss so sase
‘3 . P occasion and did whatever as look so
Ausas. soo, was an sass ssssss as snnn saasssags so gas asuss sasas sasey wouasa go h . , d 11
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as oosssasae. The ssassossssssussssassosss an ry day’ .
Company asasa asas a 12" asassssos sessssus wassss a say deep, a mean soe ress. All oa
sssaass dislrihulican aaus sasas goes so sass our usaaasass ass usually about six sees
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2020, sssss Temsau . 9

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