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E K d Ad I '
,fx,,:7g,’,“ °""’ Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
is committed to operating

1 . . .

y  y .-  ’  pipeline assets in a safe,
N r ‘ -- ' - '-es,  ‘ reliable and compliant

. ‘:2

} '  manner and providing

[ y .   .‘- ,j:-' the highest level of

5, ex e . ' ...’n!-M; customer service.

oyou gei irusiraied when you reaeh a job 3 O A R D WA L K
sue. ready Io begin work oniy in and out
that your job was not marked ccirreclly? . 4
Yes, or course you dov With Ihe rise of (1 U1. l‘ SOUTH

exeavaiions spreading aeross the slalz of Texas, lime ‘ “ ‘ “ "

is cil the essznce. You dDn'I want to have wasled LOUISMNA MIDSYREAM‘ LLC
hours of manpower or wasred rnoney heing paid mil

due to not bzing able ro eornpieie ajoh.Leista1kVl A 

waiil to give you one great lip that eouid potenlially 5

prevent you lrciin heing in this annoying type or

situalion again. The solulion is sirnpie. white 1ining. '[|lI|fl"_[ 50A R DWA |- K
i know you have expexientecl the rails ro the Eu  E-:'?&"I:

cenleia ivhere ll was reaiiy diieeuii Ici explain Ilie . .::-.=—=.L=.-

area in question. Mismrnrniinicalion from the BI—lfll.Il gmugggyycnnygugg “E
Sn call taker and Ihe excavaior can be one of lhz

reasons the job sire is no! marked tomplelely oral ‘

an. using white rnarirings lakes the guesswork out i ‘v

of the equation. ii ihere was any eoniusion on the 

loraior's hehall. ours the lotatcir is cinsite and can '

physieaiiy see where you have oullinecl your pi'i:-jzdy mm,

ihe confusion disappears. whiie lining rnaires rhe ‘ E!“

an protesses easier and reduees Ihe risk ol errors ,1

for locau:-rs. The locaicir has a clear inclirallon of 5.‘

whal you need and is able to perrorrn his/her job ,

.nore eFFicienl1y.The lcicati:-r can focus on the area in

qiieslion and ieei saie knowing aii parties involved

in rhis project are prulzctzd. W

VVha( does this rnean to you as the excavator? using

rhe praeiiee of whiie iining your area on every Knwvnv-Pi WWW-

singie projecl ean aid in redueing wasted resourees. call beinmyoii alg.

It ran help ensure your ioh site is rnarired eorreeiiy

every iirne. ll guaraniees lhal facilities, properly

and persons involved in a project rernain safe. It is

an lrnpcirlanl piece in me completion ol a proieei. _

so, lhz next time you start a projecly (akz a fzw

moments io white line your area. This srnaii step

heips Ihe Iicket proeess and (31:25 the guzsswcirk mil

of the equation ior the localors: it ensures you start

your job on lime: its a win—win for everyone. 5

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