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directional elrllless. any wnrker wlso lsas lo dig lnlo slse
ellsl in slse perfnrmanre of llselr duties.
so why is din so deadly? l have said ”crushed," in
relerenee lo wnrkers dying in lrenels eollapses. because
snas is exarlly wlsal lsappens. one cubic yanl oldry. P“’E'-‘NE PARTNERS“
sype 3 soil. llse wealnesl soil, wfiiglgs apprclllximalefly 2700
possn 5. l e approxisnale weig l o a sma canl you ' -
add waler, diererenl sypes of soil. reeks. or anything else Boardwalk Plpellfle Partners
so that esslsle yard or soil. llse weiglss simply lnsreases. - - -
ll is lsesl staled llsas people who die in lrenels eollapses '5 :°mm'tted to operaung
"“ "““““‘°"‘““" pipeline assets in a safe,
slaying alive in lrenslses is so easy. yes one of llse mosl _ _
oyerlookesl aspects ol llse conslsssrlion induslry. Hesse [enable and ‘an-gphant
are some lips and rensnelers Io ssay safe wlssle workmg
inlrwlw manner and providing
1. A cosnpesenl Person slsall lse assigned lo .
each  and must inspect the  the highest level of
al llse lsegsnnlng of llse shift lselore emplnyees .
enler, wlsen slsese lsas been a change lo slse lrenels customer SE rvlce.
i.e. weaslser, or llsese lsas been a cnllapse or slse
lrenels wall. /3 EOARDWALK
a. If a lrenels is loos feet sleep, ll lsas to lsaye
access and egress willsin every 25 reel of GULF SOUTH '
esnployees working in llsal lrenels. Additinnally.  l\lI
llse egsess slsall lse so slsal llse person enillng llsal mum“ _msmE‘_ uc
lrenels ean do so willn great ease. ‘
3. n...e...n is deeper Ihan five f2et,apmIective A,T_,=,>,:_A:_,9gfi
syssesn is required. A prolerliye syslesss lseing llsal —'‘—s
ol sloping, snoring, slsielsllng or benching. ll a ‘
lrenels is less llsan five lees deep, Ihe cosnpelenl e l s L_ .. '°‘“"”‘”(
Persnn can sleesn ll ssnsale and require a l ‘M ' W   '
Prnleclive syslesn. 
4. Atmospherir sesling slsall lse dune befnre rs1mc>uI:u.IwEuIIE.uc
enlering a lrenels.
5. Train your emplnyees so llse Excavation
Standard, regardless of if Ihey are a slsorl sesyiee gonywgm
employee |SSE) os a so year vet! vmmrlnsumlx
-rrenels fatalities are easy lo avoid, and llse eollapse or ...a....
a srenrls is never an arridenl. is's always avoidable. II’: Q :‘_.".."‘ .
hard lo aelensl an employer when a lsenels fatality lsas 3.
occurred berause in osms eyes, a lslglsly prediclable 1]
and preventable eyenl has nrmrmd...and llseyre s-lglsl. ;
so. llse nens time you think alsons wnrking in an ssnsale
Imndl. think again. lseeassse eyenlssally llseres going to \
be a lsnllel in llsal gssnl ,
slay safe friends and cosl Bless! I .(,..,,.,.,,.,,,..g hg|nw_
Call baton you dig
Hm/2 quesllons, csmlnsenls Au need Ermmzlion or
Corrlyzlzrlt Person Tmlnlng? Call (620) 655—n’i25./;. An
email bzrl@tIismtzxafilyszrl/iczsllnclsrrl or uixil www.
Irista(2:41/Elyserl/i£ and sensenslies, "Lead
snfily...oll.ess Will Fallau/ll!" Follow us on Fareblwk
arldlrlsmgnzm. I
2020, see s Teussn . 11

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